Earthworks Monitoring and Testing Capability Statement

Our Focus

CMW has the expertise to provide earthworks monitoring and testing services, whilst concurrently providing other specialist geotechnical design services to help our clients manage geotechnical challenges encountered during earthworks construction.

Our staff have the ability to work alongside our clients, drawing on the collective Engineering and Geological experience of our technical teams for all sites where bulk earthworks, site remediation, or temporary works are required.

Our involvement with earthworks construction projects encompasses a wide spectrum of material properties including expansive clays, collapsible sands, and landslide remediation.

CMW Geosciences (NZ) Ltd adopts a hands-on approach to help Clients solve challenges during construction and manage risk in, on and under the ground.


Monitoring Techniques

CMW utilise a full range of monitoring techniques to suit site specific geology and project complexity. These include the following:

  • Material testing and fill certification in accordance with NZS4402 and NZA4407;
  • Construction recommendations for fill placement including assessment of onsite materials for use as engineered fill, compaction techniques, method specifications, excavation conditions, bulking factors and subgrade preparation;
  • Dewatering techniques, ground improvement, preload design, dynamic compaction and shear key design;
  • Site classification in accordance with AS2870:2011;
  • Recommendations for excavation works including temporary works design, underpinning and stability of cut slopes; and
  • Earthworks completion reports following construction, detailing the as built information and providing certification in accordance with NZS4404.

CMW also provides services in Geotechnical Design, Site Investigation and Dynamic Pile Testing