Geotechnical Analysis & Design Capability Statement

Our Focus

One of CMW’s specialist services is providing temporary and permanent geotechnical analysis and design services to meet our Clients’ project needs.

Effective and efficient geotechnical analysis and design capability is built on the back of expertise that can only be gained through experience. We have specifically built an advanced team incorporating 5 geotechnical analysis and design specialists who each have at least 15 years of relevant experience.

Our experience enables us to quickly and effectively identify the most appropriate geotechnical design solutions for any project, which are then efficiently developed to conceptual or construction design phase as required.

CMW Geosciences (NZ) Ltd adopts a hands-on approach to help Clients solve challenges during construction and manage risk in, on and under the ground.


Typical Projects

A snapshot of typical projects that we have been involved with either during tender design or full construction phases are as follows:

  • Albany Highway Upgrade – providing pile design for the upgrade of Days Bridge and the design of 3 gravity retaining walls;
  • Perth City Link Rail Alliance – independent expert opinion and construction support for grouting works;
  • Old Treasury Building Tower, Perth – design of basement perimeter retention systems and deep foundations for a 33 level tower surrounded by sensitive heritage buildings;
  • Te Henui Bridge, New Plymouth - design of bridge piles subject to earthquake and landslide loadings;
  • Perth Stadium – tender design for ground improvement works over deep compressible alluvial soil deposits;

Fields of Expertise

Our specific areas of expertise in which we have gained extensive experience and track record, are briefly outlined below:

  • Finite Element Analysis
    Soil structure interaction and ground deformation problems. Commonly used for complex foundation design and deep excavations.
  • Rock and Soil Slope Stability
    Large scale geomorphic assessments, numerical soil slope stability analyses, rock slope design.
  • Soft Ground Engineering
    Ground improvement design to mitigate settlement, including surcharging, wick drains, stone columns, jet grout, piled rafts, deep soil mixing, vibro-compact.
  • Deep Pile Foundations
    Design development, selection, testing, analysis and construction monitoring for wide range of pile types.
  • Earth Retention
    Design of temporary and permanent ground retention systems, ground anchors and soil nails for specialist geotechnical contractors and asset owners.
  • Expert Witness
    Engaged by lawyers, contractors and asset owners to provide independent expert witness services.

CMW also provides services in Site Investigation, Dynamic Pile Testing, and Earthwork Monitoring and Testing