CMW Geosciences (NZ) Ltd Geotechnical Capability Statement


CMW adopts a hands-on approach to help our Clients solve challenges and manage risk in, on and under the ground. WE provide the following specialist geotechnical engineering and engineering geology services to the construction, infrastructure and resource sectors:

CMW Geosciences (NZ) Ltd adopts a hands-on approach to help Clients solve challenges during construction and manage risk in, on and under the ground.



Our directors and senior staff all have strong and unique geological and geotechnical engineering backgrounds that complement each other to provide a strong specialist geotechnical business capability. All our directors also have significant global hands on experience with managing geotechnical consultancy businesses. They have worked closely with contractors, consultants and client bodies both in terms of project specific delivery and specialist geotechnical support and advisory services.


Through the collective experience and expertise of the company directors and senior staff, CMW provides the following specific capabilities.

Site Investigation

Collectively, we have been responsible for the planning, execution and management of many significant geotechnical investigation programmes in New Zealand and across the Asia Pacific region. Investigation values range from a few thousand dollars to millions of dollars.

Ground Modelling

We have developed, presented and technically reviewed complex geotechnical models that are subsequently used for geotechnical analysis and design. We utilise engineering drafting packages to compile and present this information in a clear and concise format, keeping our clients informed as each step of the investigation and modelling process is carried out.

Rock and Soil Slope Stability

We are equipped to undertake a wide range of geotechnical analyses associated with various soil or rock slope failure mechanisms that arise in the dynamic and complex geological environment of New Zealand.


We have been involved in many projects that have required the prediction of consolidation settlements in very low strength and soft ground conditions, including fine grained estuarine muds and fibrous peat. We have progressed these projects through to their construction phase to develop knowledge and understanding of predicted and actual performance.


Collectively, our staff have been responsible for the design, management and certification of millions of cubic metres of compacted earthfill associated with large scale land and civil infrastructure development projects.


We have been responsible for the design, development, testing, geotechnical analysis and construction monitoring for a wide range of shallow and deep foundations in variable ground conditions. We work closely with piling contractors to help them develop the most appropriate design solution and to optimise their design by providing innovate solutions.

Earth Retention

The design of both permanent and temporary earth retention and support systems, including retaining walls, ground anchors and soil nails is a core attribute of our Australian operations and is becoming a key focus for the CMW team in New Zealand. We are recognised as providing specialist services to contractors and asset owners in this discipline of geotechnical engineering. We have hands on analysis, design, construction and performance experience with almost all available ground retention systems.

Ground Improvement

We have been involved with the selection, analysis, design, specification and construction monitoring of ground improvement techniques associated with constructing earthfill embankments or foundations over improved soft or very loose ground. These projects have included surcharging, wick drains, stone columns, vibro-compaction, deep soil mixing, jet grouting and dynamic compaction.