Construction Material Sourcing Capability Statement

Our Focus

CMW has the expertise and experience to locate and source site won material for construction needs. With the growing cost of construction materials and transportation costs, CMW has the ability to work alongside our client, offering alternate solutions to importing expensive construction material.

Drawing on the collective Engineering and Geological experience of our technical staff, CMW can help locate and source site won material by way of identifying local borrow pits and determining the suitability of the material for our clients construction projects.

CMW Geosciences (NZ) Ltd adopts a hands-on approach to help Clients solve challenges during construction and manage risk in, on and under the ground.



CMW utilise a full range of techniques to suit site specific geology and project complexity. These include the following:

  • Selecting borrow pit locations to minimize environmental disturbance;
  • Identifying and mapping all suitable borrow pit locations in close proximity to construction site;
  • Laboratory testing to identify grade and engineering properties of site won material;
  • Assisting with the excavation and placement regulations of all sourced material, and ;
  • Certifying the compaction/ placement of the material and provide a site classification of all construction projects.

CMW also provides services in Geotechnical Design, Site Investigation, Dynamic Pile Testing and Earthwork Monitoring and Testing