Building Development

CMW undertakes geotechnical investigations for routine and complex building developments ranging from single level warehouse structures to high rise complexes with multiple level basement excavations.

CMW manages all aspects of the geotechnical site investigation process, provides an assessment of the data collected and provides geotechnical interpretive reports.


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Services provided include the following

  • Dial Before You Dig (DBYD) and onsite underground services search
  • Machine borehole drilling to suit project geology, depth, budgets including rotary core, direct push probe, etc.
  • Test Pitting using hydraulic excavator or backhoe
  • Cone Penetrometer Testings (CPT or CPTu), including seismic cone and dilotometer testing
  • Geotechnical reports outlining the scope of work completed, the ground conditions encountered and providing recommendations relating to
    • Geohazards or risks to the development including fill, compressible layers, liquefaction potential, collapsible soils and providing details of strategies to address these risks where relevant
    • Assessment of the subsoil conditions within the significant foundation zone
    • Assessment of groundwater levels, seasonal variation, infiltration and any dewatering requirements plus the provision of predicted soil permeability rates and the suitability for the use of soakholes
    • Suitable temporary and permanent retention systems, providing appropriate geotechnical design parameters and commenting on basement excavatability
    • Suitable foundation systems and associated design parameters including allowable bearing pressures for shallow or deep footings plus predicted short term, long term and related differential settlements
    • Earthworks and construction considerations, including spoil management, suitability for re-use, protection of footing excavations and compaction control
    • Appropriate site classification with respect to AS2870 including likely foundation movements, and earthquake site classification
    • The founding of slabs on ground and external pavements, including indicative subgrade CBR values for pavement design and moduli for slab-on-ground