“CMW strategic alliance with AGEC – enhanced analysis and design services on a local and international basis by combining team strengths from Australia, New Zealand and Ireland.“


A combination of factors have caused AGEC to decide not to maintain an ongoing permanent presence on the ground here in WA. The motivation behind the alliance is to help AGEC maintain the benefit of their local work in 2012 - 2013, build on the local network and industry contacts AGEC have established and to deliver high end design/analysis work from the AGEC team.

The alliance will mean that, on the projects we undertake jointly, we (CMW) can provide local “on the ground services” and face to face contact “down-under” in combination with AGEC providing additional high-end analysis and design capability from Ireland.

We also anticipate that the alliance will provided both AGEC and CMW with an enhanced local and international profile that we hope will lead to other interesting opportunities on a broader geographical basis.

Both CMW and AGEC see this as a Win-Win situation as the alliance is intended to be additive to the ongoing independent business activity and growth of both businesses.

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